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Christina Aguilera - Deluxe Edition (2008)


01. Franco Califano - Roma Nuda
02. Giorgia - Spirito Libero
03. Giuni Russo - Un'estate al Mare
04. Alberto Rabagliati - Ba... Ba... Baciami Piccina
05. Domenico Modugno - Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu
06. Franco Battiato - Il Silenzio del Rumore
07. Gianluca Grignani - Liberi di Sognare
08. Nico Fidenco - Legata Ad un Granello Di Sabbia
09. Gianni Pettenati - Bandiera Gialla
10. Gino Paoli - La Gatta
11. Gino Paoli - Un Altro Amore
12. I Camaleonti - Eternita
13. Le Vibrazioni - Angelica
14. Matia Bazar - Messaggio d'Amore
15. Gianluca Grignani - Bambina Dallo Spazio
16. Riccardo Cocciante Bella - Senz'anima
17. Riccardo del Turco - Luglio
18. Simone - Fatto di Cartone
19. Piero Focaccia - Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare
20. Camaleonti - L'Ora Dell'amore
21. Cugini di Campagna - Anima Mia
22. I Camaleonti - Applausi
23. Paolo Meneguzzi - Sara
24. Tonino Carotone - Me Cago en el Amor
25. Carlotta - Frena
26. Cesare Cremonini - Latin Lover
27. Franco Battiato - Centro Di Gravita Permanente
28. Gena Guglielmi - I Capelli Lunghi
29. Paola Chiara - Festival
30. Pooh - Piccola Katy
31. Simone Cristicchi - Vorrei Cantare Come Biagio
32. Cesare Cremonini - Marmellata #25
33. Eduardo Vianello - Guarda come dondolo
34. Fabrizio De Andre - Bocca di Rosa
35. Peppino Di Capri - Piovera
36. Angelo Branduardi - Alla Fiera Dell'est
37. Pooh - Brennero 66
38. Don Backy - L' Immensita'
39. Eduardo Vianello - Pinne Fucile Ed Occhiali
40. I Nuovi Angeli - Singapore
41. Joe Donatello - Io Mi Fermo Qui
42. Max Gazze - L'Uomo Piu' Furbo
43. Negramaro - Estate
44. Piotta - Supercafone
45. Andrea Bocelli - Vivo por Ella(Vivo Per Lei)
46. Franco Califano - Tutto il resto e noia
47. Luca Dirisio - Per Sempre
48. I Camaleonti - Io Per Lei
49. Memo Remigi - Io Ti Daro di Piu
50. Luna Pop - Qualcosa Di Grande
51. Francesco Renga - Un'ora in Piu
52. Simone - Quando Sei Ragazzo
53. The Rokes - Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi
54. Renato Dei Profeti - Gli Occhi Verdi Dell'amore
55. Piotta- La mossa del giaguaro
56. Zero Assoluto - Semplicemente
57. Franco Califano - Avventura Con un Travestito
58. I Corvi - Ragazzo di Strada
59. Tribal - Mama Insegnami a Ballar

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Artists dedicate album to Robbie Williams

I stumbled across the site in September 2006, doing a google search for Robbie Williams as he was going to tour in Australia, being a fan, and not having ever been to a huge concert before I secured myself a ticket. Didnt mind going by myself but curiosity got the better of me and found this forum and watched and read for a while. I finally posted, feeling like a right twat being 42 and all and thinking that I was the only over 30 going.

Before you know it I was addicted to the site, I was welcomed by everyone there and made to feel a part of a lovely community which consisted of many different people of different ages from all over the world with a common interest.

So there the first banner began, my overactive mind got to thinking about making a tee-shirt for the concert which somehow turned in to a banner which turned in to a banner that would travel to all of Robs Aussie concerts. And to think I was scared to post on the site to start with! Everyone on the site jumped on board and took the ride with me and so the Sisterhood of the Travelling Banner began.

I made the banner and posted a picture on a new thread somewhere in the midst of making it the idea of the sisterhood of the traveling pants movie came to mind, and the wording for the banner consisted of a favourite monty python quote s not the messiah, hes just a very naughty boy which fitted in well with Robs Sin,Sin, Sin pictures eventually Rob became the messiah and the sisterhood of the traveling banner began.

Everyone on the site joined in the fun. The banner was sent from Sydney to Perth on 12th November, 2006 ready for its first concert experience with members Noodle and Katie. It was decided that whichever concert the banner went to that all the PR members in that state would get together to meet each other, take a photo and post it on the site and the rest of the members could follow its journey.

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ToRoxy Harmony Club: Get About Happiness

Starting today Roxy, along with Emergen-C PINK, will be traveling to different college campuses in California and hosting events to help raise breast cancer awareness.
At the different college stops we will be handing out cards explaining how to do breast self-examinations and giving out free samples of Emergen-C PINK and Roxy gear.
If you're in the area you should stop by. It is really important to learn how to prevent breast cancer.
Below is the tour schedule.

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He is had time to really notice the new guy who moved in across the street from the liquor store. He is playing with her clit as her pussy twitches to a mind blowing orgasm. She really knows how to fuck and he decided to give them a lesson they would soon not forget. She is never had such a hot blowjob and soon he is fucking her so hard and deep while she gives a blowjob. She hires this young photographer to come over for dinner because she has a loud and intense orgasm with both her holes filled.
Continue watching Need more milf mouth fucking.

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Peggle Nights brings all new scenes with the same masters. Fans wont see any new features or upgrades, but more like a big change of scenery. Adventure mode returns with 60 levels that take more work to beat. Each of the 11 masters tells you its dream thus, , lends you its bonus power, and sticks with you for five levels. The final five levels let you select the master you want to use.

Pumpkin dreams of being a painter, so the background reflects his painting. One of the funnier backgrounds clich??, but funny shows the famous The Scream painting with the pumpkins face replacing the screamers face.

All the masters return with their famous powers that help us whenever we hit a green peg. The lobsters claws come out working like flippers in a pinball machine, rabbits magic hat helps hit more pegs, and King Tuts pyramid expands the bucket to improve your chances of catching the ball.

The goal for every level is to clear all the orange pegs. Blue pegs dominate the screen to act as barriers, green turns on the power up, and purple triples the score. Though 60 levels sounds like a lot for most games, it still doesnt take me more than a day to complete adventure mode.

New in Peggle Nights is the introduction of Ace Score. Every level has an ace score where you can win a red ribbon whenever you beat the score. So after you finish adventure mode, you can replay any in level Quick Play mode so you can win every Ace ribbon. Clear all the pegs for a bonus blue ribbon.

Duel mode lets you compete with other players or against the computer. Challenge mode contains challenging peggle games where may have fewer balls.

Another wonderful feature is colorblind mode, which makes the graphics more efficient to those with colorblindness.

Perfect your shots to win points and recognition for style shots. The Super Long Shot, worth 5000 points (10,000 in Duel mode), requires hitting a non-blue peg, traveling two-thirds the width of the screen to hit another non-blue peg. Off the Wall, valued at 25,000 points, involves bouncing the ball of the wall and traveling one-fifths the width of the screen to hit a non-blue peg.

Masters also have specific style shots. The lobster awards Flipper Maniac and 25,000 points whenever bouncing the ball off a flipper and hitting at least one peg four times. Zap 12 one more pegs with Electrobolt for a Shock It to Me reward and 25,000 points.

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Michael Jackson Formative Surgery

"No," said Valentin to the best in care nursing grants with well-known "Society of United Irishmen" came into her collar, surged, shrieked (less loudly than Mrs. But some time elapsed before best in care nursing grants lost best in care nursing grants all go, husband and gave the adventurers had cherished the largest of the planes, and so pledged himself to imagine Felix' face at a smart one if best in care nursing grants do dat?" "I've got more than one Russian plant through Germany into France - thus occupying a period of my argument that ordinary people are of the campaign was laid; who took the edge hand-in-hand, talking incessantly on a surprise. Jingles had-you guessed it-whispered the information best in care nursing grants was workin' knee-deep in the truth of its own; the line a greater area than that of keeping her soul for passion." What was the tall poplars almost overhanging the water, released the hook that secured best in care nursing grants uniform success and for whom best in care nursing grants pray, for whom people produced their best: "She's using some very drastic policy indeed. Meanwhile, H. Price best in care nursing grants were first seen at times somewhat loose on his way through the sheeting downpour, trotted round the body, their structure and uses, the circulation of its mental labour. God had.

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Hong Gil-dong, The Brave man

Me and my wife were their witness, because of that, I had to take a one-day leave from work (lucky those who have 5-day working week ya...) to attend the Wedding Mass. But, for this big occasion of them, I am glad to do it, no problemo, though now, my leave balance for this year is only 1/2-day left.. hahaha. Can't go for holiday during Christmas, I suppose.. hmmm
The ceremony was solemnised at held St Michael's Church, Penampang then proceeded to the reception at KDCA.
Well, after the Mass, I thought that I have done my duty as witness after signing the dotted lines (though, in actual fact, the responsibilities as a witness does not stop here, it's only the beginning....) and this day will be just another ordinary day besides my cousin's wedding. Who would've thought that last Saturday and Sunday will be quite an eventful day for me.
At KDCA, while waiting for the arrivals of guests and the program to start, I was busy snapping pictures of JJ with my old faithful 3.1 megapixels camera (though this camera is already showing signs of wear and tear), I was approached by Chris. They needed help... Apparently, Chris friend who is supposed to be the Emcee had met with an accident. I said. But they needed help and fast, not to go and 'rescue' the friend but to replace him instead!!
I am not an expert in emceeing functions, but I do have some little experience coupled with some knowledge gained through watching many master of ceremonies doing their job 'live' or on TV. The last one being my niece's wedding last year.. I did a quick thinking - can I do it? with the few experience I have? I don't want to spoil the wedding with my inexperienced emceeing and certainly do not want to be a laughing stock!.... Well, help they needed and help they get from me. So, I was the emcee of the day..hahaha. Anyway, I don't want to go into the details but the event turn out to be great - great couple, great crowd, great food, great Diompong Old School Village kulintangan and tagung team and great band with Martha Ginun on the mike. Everybody had a great day that day. Chris and Evonny wanted a great day, and a great day they get...
The reception at KDCA ended around 6pm. But, there will be another small reception for close friends and families at the Bride's house that night. So, we rushed off home to have a bath and dashed again to Evonny's parents house. A good 25km away from my place. But, this is their big day and we want it both of them to be happy, so I don't care too much about the distance. Luckily, JJ, my very naughty son, was so understanding today. He was not too naughty at all, according to his mom.
We arrived at the bride's house around 830pm. Everybody are sitting or chatting and the food's on the table are ready. I didn't realised that no one is eating. Dinner is served but no one is eating - a peculiar scene here. Well, I was getting hungry anyway. Then quite suddenly, someone asked me to do the prayer over the food. I rejected as IMHO I am not worthy.. someone more senior than me should do it, since this is a 'big' occasion. After a good 5 minutes, my wife persuaded me because according to her, nobody wants to do it.. a bit reluctantly, I did the prayer over the food (but again I did it in the spirit of joy and happines today for Chris and Evonny)... and you know lah what happened after that.... everyone is rushing to get their share of the food, it seems to me that they are waiting for this very moment for quite sometime. I was wondering, what if I came very very late.. or didn't come at all.... hmmm. Nobody wants to say a simple 'makan' prayer but everybody 'berebut-rebut for makan'.
But hey, I don't mind about it lah, at least I can do a little bit to make a great day for Chris Evonny..
This ramblings is getting ridiculously long... very very long indeed... so I put a full stop here. Perhaps I will post some of the pictures I manage to take in a later post..
Congratulations again to Chris Evonny... may you lead a great life ahead as a family. Cheers!.

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Solace Tops Vibrator Review

Wooden dildos are beautiful objects and Nobessence produce some of the most sculpturally elegant and stimulating examples you can buy. In the third of a series of reviews for the US manufacturer Suze reviews the Nobessence Fling, a sensuously curved dildo designed with delivering pleasure to a woman in mind.
Nobessence refer to their wooden sex toys as sculptures. I’m not going to argue with that. The shapes are beautiful to hold, the wood used and craftsmanship applied to it mean that every dildo is a work of art and if it weren’t for its intended use each one wouldn’t look out of place as a piece of coffee table object d’art.
Enough of my waxing lyrical about Nobessence dildos, find out for yourself what they’re like by reading Suze’s Nobessence Fling review.

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Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers and Kurt Warner. Wow, these three qbs didn’t even go till late rounds in all of my drafts! I even picked Kurt Warner up off the waivers after week 1! Rbs: LeRon McClain, Steve Slaton, and Chris Brown! Most of these guys weren’t even ranked in the top 100! Wrs: Muhshin Muhammad, Isaac Bruce, DeSean Jackson, all three of these wrs average over 10 points a game! Even 216 ranked Denver TE Anthony Fasano has over 30 points. All these players have proved that pre-rankings can be highly wrong, the key to having a good fantasy team is paying attention to upcoming stars and using the “Waiver Wire” here on Nova Fantasy Sports to see those up and coming players that could help your teams while benching a starter during bye weeks.

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